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The Lords of the Fallen
The Lords of the Fallen

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The Lords of the Fallen, an epic RPG adventure

The Lords of the Fallen features an epic RPG adventure set in an immense interconnected world that's more than five times the size of the original game. After centuries of relentless tyranny by the demonic deity Adyr, you set out as one of the legendary Dark Crusaders. You'll have to traverse the realms of the living and the dead on an RPG odyssey that takes you through monumental boss battles, fast-paced and challenging combat, exciting character encounters and a deep, immersive story.

Write your legacy with The Lords of the Fallen

Are you ready to write your legacy? The Lords of the Fallen offers you the chance to shine like light or plunge into darkness. Complete missions, battle powerful adversaries and explore the world to write your own history!

Set sail for The Lords of the Fallen RPG adventure and write your legacy!

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