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Stray Blade
Stray Blade

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Enjoy an action-packed adventure and face intense combat as you explore the ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization. You'll come face to face with Acrea, the Lost Valley, a wild, overgrown place that exudes immense power. Despite the danger, you venture into this forgotten land to discover what happened to your disappearance.

The Stray Blade game

In Stray Blade, you'll face unprecedented challenges to reclaim your freedom. You'll have to explore ancient ruins, fight monsters and solve puzzles to find your way. You'll also come up against powerful bosses, requiring skill and strategy to defeat them.

An action-packed adventure

Stray Blade is an action-adventure game that will help you develop your skills and become more adept. You'll have to battle hordes of monsters, explore varied environments and solve complex puzzles. You'll come up against unpredictable obstacles and need to use strategy to overcome them.

Free yourself from Acrea's grip

Your main objective in Stray Blade is to free yourself from Acrea's grip and regain your freedom. To achieve this, you'll need to defeat increasingly formidable bosses and uncover their dark history. Use your skills and strategy to defeat your enemies and regain your freedom!

Take up the challenge and go on an adventure in Stray Blade!

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