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Minecraft Legends (Xbox One)
Minecraft Legends (Xbox One)

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Explore the world of Minecraft Legends on Xbox One

Discover the secrets of Minecraft Legends, an exciting tactical adventure game for Xbox One. Embark on a journey to a green world rich in resources and living environments, now threatened with destruction. Destructive pigs have descended, and it's your responsibility to gather your buddies and lead them in cunning conflicts to save the Overworld!

Enjoy an action-packed adventure with Minecraft Legends

Live an action-packed adventure with Minecraft Legends, the tactical adventure game for Xbox One. Develop innovative strategies and confront your enemies. Use available resources to build forts and towers and defend the land against chaos. Battle your enemies and discover hidden treasures along the way. Solve complex puzzles and team up with your friends to overcome impossible obstacles.

Preserve the Overworld with Minecraft Legends

With Minecraft Legends, preserve the Overworld and its inhabitants from destructive pigs. Gather resources, develop strategies and engage in epic battles to save the Overworld. Build and upgrade forts and towers to protect the land from its enemies. Experience an action-packed adventure, discover hidden treasures and overcome impossible obstacles to save the Overworld!


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