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Rogue Spirit
Rogue Spirit

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Rogue Spirit, the 3D rogue-lite action game

In Rogue Spirit, reality and the spirit world are now connected. Embody the spirit of the Prince of the Kingdom of Midra and defeat the armies of Chaos to save your people from demonic invaders. This 3D rogue-lite action game features light stealth elements.

Possess characters and absorb their abilities

In the fight against the evil presence that has damaged your country, you can possess enemy characters and absorb their unique abilities. Master different character play styles, improve your skills and adapt to an ever-changing world.

Explore the magnificent Kingdom of Midra

The Kingdom of Midra is magnificent and brimming with legends and lore. Explore it to discover its secrets and beauty. With Rogue Spirit, you're immersed in a world rich in color, danger and surprises.


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