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Curse of the Dead Gods
Curse of the Dead Gods

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Try your luck and enter the cursed temple of Curse of the Dead Gods. In this endless labyrinth, discover bottomless pits, deadly traps and monsters. Collect mysterious relics and an arsenal of weapons to become invincible, and battle hordes of enemies in dark corridors and caverns filled with traps and secrets. Fire-breathing statues, explosives, hidden traps and much more await you.

Your greed will be your greatest weakness

Don't let your greed be your undoing. Stand up and fight again as you plunge deeper into the cursed temple. Challenge the perverse deities who persist here in your quest for indescribable riches, eternal life and divine powers.

Join the cursed temple and challenge the gods

Are you up for the challenge? Then join Curse of the Dead Gods and challenge the perverted gods of the cursed temple. Find mystical relics, equip yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and prepare to face all that the cursed temple has to offer.


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