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With PAYDAY 3, you and your friends will plunge back into a thrilling and intense adventure to save Washington DC.

PAYDAY 3 - Plunge back into the life of crime

PAYDAY 3, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular cooperative shooter, is finally here. PAYDAY players are invited to engage in meticulous planning and execute flawless heists to win. This unique feature delivers an unrivalled, thrilling co-op FPS experience.

Join the infamous Payday Gang

Come out of retirement and join the infamous Payday Gang. Adored by their peers and feared by law enforcement worldwide, this group left their mark on Washington DC during their previous reign of terror. Now, it's time to come together again and take on a new challenge to save Washington DC.

A unique cooperative FPS experience

Players can enjoy a unique cooperative FPS experience as they dive back into the life of crime with PAYDAY 3. Put your planning and execution skills to the test to pull off successful heists, evade law enforcement and earn massive rewards.


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