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Darksiders Genesis
Darksiders Genesis

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Darksiders: Genesis, an action adventure rich in demons and angels

Darksiders: Genesis is an action adventure rich in demons and angels in which players make their way through hordes of monsters on their way to hell armed with guns and swords. Players get a taste of the Darksiders world before the events of the first game and experience the new main character, Zvar.

The Council and its commandments

Since its inception, the Council has maintained a balance between good and evil. The Horsemen and the Nephilim, powerful beings born of an abnormal union between angels and demons, have sworn allegiance to the Council and acquired considerable strength and power. However, this power was not without consequences: the Horsemen were forced to exterminate their own species with the help of the forces they had adopted. The ensuing battle for paradise was bloody and ended with the death of the last Nephilim, under the leadership of the Council.

. Live the Darksiders: Genesis adventure on PC and consoles!

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