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Feel the adrenaline pumping as you take control as a driver in EA SPORTS F1® 23. This officially licensed video game lets you relive the essence of the FIA Formula One World Championship 2023. Get ready for thrilling racing, the captivating "Braking Point" story mode filled with intense rivalries and high-speed drama.

A realistic, immersive simulation

EA SPORTS F1® 23 brings you a realistic, immersive simulation of Formula 1 racing. Experience racing through true-to-life settings, rendered with incredible graphics and sound effects. As well as being able to drive the most powerful racing cars, you can also manage your team and make strategic decisions to improve your performance.

"Braking Point" story mode

The "Braking Point" story mode lets you experience the drama and intense rivalry that surrounds the world of Formula 1. Follow the journey of a young driver in search of glory and victory. You'll have to navigate the traps and obstacles in your path, and take on the championship's greatest drivers to achieve your goal.

Live the F1 experience with EA SPORTS F1® 23

EA SPORTS F1® 23 is the ideal video game for Formula 1 fans who want to relive the adrenaline and drama of the championship. Enjoy a realistic, immersive experience thanks to incredible graphics and sound effects, and set out to conquer the podium in the captivating "Braking Point" story mode.


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