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Starlink Battle for Atlas
Starlink Battle for Atlas

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas - An action-adventure game

In Starlink: Battle for Atlas, you build your own spaceship and set off on an interplanetary adventure in the vast, cold universe. You play as a group of interstellar pilots who use modular ships to modify their equipment and abilities as they travel. Explore the star system and connect with the evil destructive forces that seek to dominate the galaxy.

Travel the alien worlds of the Atlas star system

Explore the various exotic alien worlds of the Atlas star system and be careful, because everything you do has an impact on your pilgrimage. Enemies react to your actions and fight for parts of the solar system. If you don't stop them, they just might get it for themselves.

Vanish your enemies with a variety of weapons and incredible combos

Use a variety of weapons and create incredible combos to defeat all enemies that stand in your way. Gather your team and embark on an exciting adventure across star systems.


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