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Deep Sky Derelicts
Deep Sky Derelicts

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In a bleak, dystopian future where the human species is scattered throughout the galaxy and divided into two distinct classes, you are, as an insignificant exorcist, forced to survive from the remnants of deserted extraterrestrial stations and ships located in interplanetary space. However, your ideas about life are completely different, and you wish to become a privileged citizen and live on the surface of certain living planets to enjoy asymmetrical air, water and food.

Deep Sky Derelicts: A promise of a better future

And the legendary abandoned spaceship, located somewhere in the Deep Sky sector, seems to be a promise of comfortable living on a hospitable planet. The Deep Sky Derelicts game explores this idea, letting you play the role of a treasure hunter in search of precious materials and collectibles aboard lost ships. You'll roam the various sectors of space to find hidden treasures, explore abandoned ships and confront alien threats.

An immersive, thrilling experience

The Deep Sky Derelicts game offers an immersive, thrilling experience featuring an original soundtrack and a variety of gameplay options, including real-time tactical combat, random events, quests and items to collect. You'll also have to manage the limited resources at your disposal, such as ammunition and medicine, and defend yourself against the hostile creatures you encounter on your journey. What's more, you'll have to make crucial decisions that will influence your progress and determine the fate of your team.


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