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Fallout 76
Fallout 76

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The new game Fallout 76 is the 76th installment in the popular series of post-apocalyptic games. The game takes place in Shelter 76, where 500 survivors have been sealed away from the world's many disasters. These survivors were able to open the main gate without needing to sacrifice half the population to survive.

An epic story

The story of Fallout 76 takes place just after the end of the Great War of 2077, which turned human civilization upside down. Players will explore a post-apocalyptic world through missions and quests, while making their way through hostile environments populated by numerous enemies and dangers.

An immersive experience

Fallout 76 promises an immersive and captivating experience for players. With enhanced graphics and innovative features, the game offers a wide range of possibilities for players, whether exploring alone or with friends. Players can also create their own character and choose from a host of possible choices to personalize their gaming experience.


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