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Bridge Constructor
Bridge Constructor

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Buy Bridge Constructor as a Steam key at and let your creativity flow as you build bridges that meet safety standards!

Bridge building game

In this bridge building game, you take on the role of a builder who will have to create bridges on the banks of wild rivers and deep canyons. Your bridges will have to be thoroughly tested by driving vehicles of different weights across them.

Different materials and creative freedom

You can choose from several materials such as wood, steel, concrete or construction cables each with their own costs and capabilities. The display of the load applied to the bridge allows you to create a solid structure at low cost. Enjoy the freedom to place your materials wherever you like!

Game features

  • 30 Levels
  • 5 Environments: City, canyon, beach, mountain, hill
  • Complete map and progress overview
  • 4 different building materials: Wood, steel, concrete and cables
  • Display of the load applied to the bridge
  • 2 levels of difficulty: cars and trucks
  • Best score system per level
  • Publishing scores on Facebook

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