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Cities in Motion
Cities in Motion

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Cities in Motion: create the perfect public transport network

Discover Cities in Motion, the transportation simulation game offering a fantastic urban experience thanks to realistic 3D graphics and over 100 unique buildings. You'll have to manage and develop the transportation networks of the world's four largest cities reproduced in detail.

Simulate and manage traffic in real time

Your mission: monitor the changing needs of city dwellers and manage urban transport (bus, streetcar, metro, etc.) to optimize profits while meeting user expectations. Take advantage of a real-time city and traffic simulator, and discover a single-player campaign that takes you through 100 years of transportation history in four eras, from 1920 to 2020. Use an ultra-complete map editor to create your own cities.

Create your own urban world

You'll also be able to take into account the population divided into 7 distinct social classes, each presenting different behaviors. With Cities in Motion, choose from dozens of different means of transport based on authentic models: buses, streetcars, water buses, helicopters and subways. Buy Cities in Motion as a Steam key on and create the perfect public transport network!


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