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Rage 2

Here's the project born of the association of two video game heavyweights, ID Software and Avalanche. Rage 2 takes you into an anarchic universe where you play a ranger trying to bring back peace, in a highly successful and colorful FPS.

Gameplay of Rage 2

A post-apocalyptic world

An asteroid has ravaged 80 th the planet, creating immense disorder and gradually leaving a planet without order or law, where bloodthirsty gangs do everything in their power to take control and rule with an iron fist over the survivors of the catastrophe. Play as Walker, the last Wasteland ranger left for dead after the destruction of his home, in his quest for justice and freedom. Annihilate the threat of the Authority using all the means at your disposal.

Walk through an immense open world with FPS-style gameplay where the possibilities are legion and the key word is fun!

Various enemy factions

The enemies are legion and are divided into different factions. So you'll face a multitude of atypical bloodthirsty gangs in a vast open world that will take you through many lands, passing through desert and forests.

The asteroid event has caused mysterious mutations, so you'll also face mutants and various monstrosities in tense battles.

Epic battles

Rage 2 features a plethora of weapons and vehicles to aid you in your quest. You'll come across numerous means of transport suited to the wastelands' traffic, which can also be used for clashes against other vehicles. A large number of weapons are also playable and offer you different gameplays, they can also activate an overdrive effect pushing physical limits in the heat of the action.

You'll even have access to destructive super powers to defeat enemies in groups!

Release date: May 14, 2019


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