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Frostpunk, a survival game in the cold

In Frostpunk, an urban survival game where warmth means life, every decision counts. In a completely frozen world, people put all their energies into creating steam technology to protect themselves from the cold that surrounds them. The task of the city's governor is to manage both the population and the urban infrastructure.

A challenging game

Frostpunk constantly challenges players: optimization and resource management are often confronted with empathy and careful decision-making. Another important task for the leader is to explore the surrounding world, as the only way to understand its history and current state. Discoveries made in the environment not only provide insight into the past, but also provide the means to secure the people's future. The city must survive, and your ability to make the right decisions is a decisive factor in achieving this.

Moral and tactical management

Frostpunk also puts your morale to the test. Players must manage both their tactical abilities and their moral values to succeed. By making the right decisions, they will be able to offer their people a promising future so that the city survives.


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