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Outcast Second Contact
Outcast Second Contact

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Outcast Second Contact: the ultimate action adventure game!

In Outcast Second Contact, you take on the role of a former Navy SEAL, known for his explosive abilities and character. Following a series of events, you're sent on a mission to save Earth from total destruction in a newly-discovered parallel world. Your mission: explore this alien world, gain the trust of the intelligent residents and discover what threatens Earth.

A dynamic, immersive experience

Outcast features over 1000 different intelligent beings and creatures, offering a dynamic and immersive experience. A thrilling adventure awaits, with over 50 hours of gameplay and a substantial number of auxiliary tasks and activities. The game also features a high-quality futuristic arsenal that will improve as the game progresses, and all your actions will have an impact on the non-linear process that regulates the balance of the world.

Discover Outcast Second Contact: the ultimate action adventure game!

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