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FlatOut 2
FlatOut 2

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FlatOut 2: the race of your life!

Buy FlatOut 2 on Steam key at and go for the race of your life! Throw yourself at barriers, blow up tire walls, send barrels flying across the track and other cars. And if anyone, including you, is caught in a serious accident, enjoy the show as you watch the driver get catapulted through the windshield!

What's unique about FlatOut 2 is that everything you destroy or modify stays where it is, turn after turn, for chaos like you've never seen before! With over 5,000 objects to destroy on every circuit, and 40 parts of each car that can be completely deformed, you'll be able to have a blast!

Features of FlatOut 2

  • An enhanced championship mode with several different cups that increase the level of difficulty
  • Split-screen multiplayer modes for all formats
  • An enhanced physics engine for even more racing realism
  • Pilot at incredible speeds and take advantage of bonus turbos to go even faster
  • Improved AI: each AI driver has his own character, biography and way of driving
  • Bonuses to unlock: cars, championship cups, arena of destruction...
  • Pilot in the USA (the original version took place in Europe)
  • Thirty-four vehicles instead of sixteen in the original version
  • New car types, including muscle cars, sports cars, pick-ups and sedans
  • Garage to own multiple vehicles
  • Various racing environments: big city, LA canals, Rocky Mountain forest, cornfields and desert
  • Sixty track combinations versus thirty-six in the original version
  • Alternative routes on the circuits, which even the AI uses
  • Twice as many arenas for destruction derbies (six instead of three in the original version)
  • Twice as many Avatar mini-games (twelve instead of six in the original version)

Purchase FlatOut 2, and take part in an unforgettable race! Experience the thrills with this enhanced version, which includes more unlockable bonuses and more varied cars.


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