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Valkyria Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles

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Valkyria Chronicles: an epic RPG

Buy Valkyria Chronicles on Steam key at! The acclaimed RPG Valkyria Chronicles is finally available on PC and plunges you into the spirit of the 1930s with a fictional continent similar to Europe, on the eve of a Great War. The Empire makes clear its intentions to invade Gallia, a small neutral country located right in the middle of the two superpowers, in order to get its hands on its precious natural resources.

At the heart of this conflict, a hero named Welkin and the soldiers of the Federation's 7th Regiment fight the invasion and the Empire's attempts to enslave the entire continent. The Federation discovers that the Empire possesses a secret weapon known as the "Valkyria" - an ancient race endowed with special powers and known throughout legend.

Valkyria Chronicles game features

  • CANVAS graphics engine: a unique, breathtaking graphics engine with a final rendering akin to an animated watercolor.
  • BLiTZ tactical battle system: implement your own strategy by combining your units to make tactical maneuvers combined with traditional RPG gameplay.
  • Epic storyline: players immerse themselves in an epic battle for freedom, with the fate of the world resting in your hands.
  • Customization: over 100 avatars to customize to create your own soldiers for every battle.
  • Breathtaking battlefields: explore over 30 different environments and take advantage of the terrain to gain the upper hand in battle.

Valkyria Chronicles PC includes all the DLC that was released on PS3, including Hard EX Mode (more challenging Skirmish missions), Edy's mission - "Enter the Edy Detachment", Selveria's mission - "Behind Her Blue Flame" and the 6 "Challenge of the Edy Detachment" challenges.


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