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Trapped Dead: Lockdown
Trapped Dead: Lockdown

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Trapped Dead: Lockdown, a breathtaking horror game

Live the action and horror in Trapped Dead: Lockdown! A small American town is overrun by the undead, and you must slice and shoot thousands of zombies in your path to complete your mission. You can choose between 5 different classes: sailor, butcher, assassin, marshal and exorcist. Each class comes with its own scenario and individual strengths and abilities.

A skill tree to customize your experience

Each character has its own individual skill tree where you can unlock new defensive abilities and offensive moves to help you in battle. You can choose between wielding two weapons at once or equipping yourself with a powerful two-handed weapon. There are hundreds of weapons to kill the undead - you can even use vehicles to crush them!

Cooperate with up to 3 friends!

Bloodthirsty monsters move fast on all sides, so make sure you're not surrounded! Allied NPCs can ask you for help or to fight alongside you. But beware, there's only one rule in this world: kill or be killed! Luckily for you, multiplayer mode lets you fight the hordes with up to 3 friends.

Buy Trapped Dead: Lockdown on Steam key at and enjoy a horror-rich experience with dialogue played by professional actors and fully integrated subtitles!


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