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Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami

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Hotline Miami: discover a fast-paced action game

We invite you to discover Hotline Miami, a fast-paced action game brimming with brutality. Set in 1989 in an alternative Miami, the game puts you in the shoes of an anti-hero on a bloody crusade against the criminal underworld, guided by mysterious messages left on his answering machine. You'll soon be trying to understand what's happening to you, and what's driving you to commit these acts of violence. Use your wits to get out of impossible situations in the face of enemies as ferocious as they are numerous. The action is intense and every shot potentially fatal, so you'll need to be quick and resolute to stand a chance of surviving and unmasking the forces behind the carnage.

You can buy Hotline Miami on Steam key at Discover a singular graphic style, a gripping soundtrack and a succession of unreal events that will have you questioning your own bloodlust as well as pushing your limits. Be strategic, or you'll die... often!


Hotline Miami includes:

  • A surreal, brutal scenario set in over 20 ultra-violent, multi-level zones.
  • Armed confrontations under neon lights in blood-stained corridors, set to an intense soundtrack.
  • Bloody battles against bosses, each stranger than the last, from Miami's underworld.
  • An arsenal of 35 weapons: from shotguns and assault rifles to katanas and lead pipes, everything is at your disposal.

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