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Bus Simulator 2016
Bus Simulator 2016

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Bus Simulator 2016: the most realistic bus driving simulation

Win the daily battle of punctuality and become a professional bus driver with Bus Simulator 2016. You'll have six realistic buses at your disposal, including two licensed MAN Lion City buses, and a gigantic, freely accessible world. Transport your passengers to their destination safely and on time, crossing five authentic city districts. Drive a two-door, three-door or authentic accordion bus on your rush-hour route, watch out for priority emergency vehicles and respect detours around construction sites, while maintaining order on board.

Gain the trust of locals and grow your company

Gain efficiency in keeping to your schedules and build your reputation in town. The higher your reputation, the more important contracts you'll be able to secure, and the more buses will be available in your company's store. Unlock additional areas of the city and carefully plan your routes for employees acquired in the included job swaps. You can also add advertising banners to your buses to earn extra cash.

A multiplayer mode to share routes with your friends

Invite your friends into your multiplayer game and let them handle some routes for you. The money they earn can be used to develop your shared company and offer the perfect public transport system in your city. You can also build the city to your own taste and decorate your buses in the colors you like.

The most popular controllers and steering wheels are supported

Bus Simulator 2016 supports the most popular joysticks and steering wheels to meet gamers' expectations. The Steam version includes English voice-overs. Buy the Steam key at and start playing Bus Simulator 2016.


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