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X Rebirth Complete
X Rebirth Complete

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X Rebirth Complete: Spectacular renewal of the X series

Purchase X Rebirth Complete on Steam key at and discover a new gaming experience worthy of the greatest space sagas! X Rebirth Complete Edition includes: X Rebirth, X Rebirth: Home of Light and X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost.

In the distant future, the X universe is going through a period marked by mutations as profound as they are irreversible. Play as a young adventurer and, accompanied by a surprising sidekick, set off on an adventure aboard an old ship with a glorious past to decide the fate of the universe.

X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost.

X Rebirth features breathtaking space combat phases, an elaborate trading system and light-speed space exploration. From simple ambushes to epic confrontations, X-Universe combat knows no bounds!

Create your empire!

You'll be able to build your empire thanks to a fully simulated economic system that gives weight to your every action. Cross the galaxy at the speed of light to make your fortune in space metropolises teeming with ships and drones. From trading posts to huge factories, from simple farms to state-of-the-art military complexes: it's up to you to decide your strategy!


A complex story and a breathless scenario

While a complex story and a breathless scenario await you, it's up to you to intervene wherever and whenever you please. Explore the universe at your own pace, choose your path and write your destiny

Trade, fight, build, think in luniverse X, the largest play space this side of the galaxy!

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