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Insane Decay of Mind
Insane Decay of Mind

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Insane Decay of Mind: the first-person horror game

Buy Insane Decay of Mind on Steam key at and enjoy a terrifying first-person experience! You play as Katherine, a young girl lost in the strange corridors of a building she believes to be her school. To regain her freedom, she'll have to escape from a labyrinth that's slowly beginning to capsize her mind


Entities seek to prevent you from escaping: "Shadows"

On your journey, you'll encounter entities called "Shadows", the manifestations of your worst nightmares. You must then confront them in order to continue your quest for freedom and discover the fragments of Katherine's story hidden in the labyrinth.

A game where madness is the main element

With Insane Decay of Mind, you'll discover that madness is undoubtedly the main element of the game. The only way to oppose this slide into madness is to gather the fragments of Katherine's story and look carefully around you.


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