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Anarcute: the cutest riot game ever!

Buy Anarcute as a Steam key at and enjoy a unique Beat'em all-foule experience! A terrible force called Brainwash Patrol dominates the world's major cities and won't let you rest.

Unity is strength!

In Anarcute, you don't control a single character, but an entire crowd! The bigger your crowd, the more powerful it is. Awaken your companions scattered across the cities and grow the revolt to unlock devastating powers!

The city is your playground

Phone boxes, garbage cans, bicycles, cars, trucks, use city objects as projectiles. If your crowd is big enough, you can even topple entire buildings to collapse on your enemies! Your enemies won't stand still, and have an impressive arsenal at their disposal to prevent you from achieving your objectives.

Propel the revolution across the world

During your adventure, you'll travel through 5 cities with unique visual and audio atmospheres. From Tokyo to Paris by way of Reykjavik and Miami, explore the cities from top to bottom to find all the animals and customize your crowd to your heart's content!

Anarcute features:

  • Lead a crowd of protesters, each more adorable than the last, and sow chaos to free the world
  • .
  • Ram up any object found in the streets and throw them at your enemies
  • .
  • Destroy any building in your path, the city is your playground
  • Counter the Brainwash Patrol, a terrible force ready to do anything to stop you
  • Explore the world and set it free!

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