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Oriental Empires
Oriental Empires

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Oriental Empires : Relive the building of the Ancient Empire of the Orient

Buy Oriental Empires on Steam key at and relive the building of the Ancient Empire of the Orient. Take control of a small city at the dawn of Chinese history and develop it into the Great Empire of China. Develop your lands, build cities and fight to conquer ever more territory. Improve technology, power, culture and religion to create one of Mankind's greatest civilizations!

A spectacular game map

Live all the action on a single, spectacular game map that brings China's mountains, forests, plains and deserts to life. Zoom in to review your troops and see your peasants hard at work, or zoom out for a more strategic overview. Plan your battles, end your game turn and watch your armies follow your orders, with hundreds of soldiers fighting for control of the map.



Oriental Empires offers:

  • 24 playable factions, each with their own specificities sticking to historical reality.
  • 3000 years of history to build (from 1500 BC to 1500 AD).
  • Choice of development strategy: military force, diplomatic persuasion
  • .
  • Vast map of typical Chinese and Mongolian landscapes.
  • Fully animated 3D models (variations in each face and clothing for all soldiers).
  • Powerful zoom lets you get as close to the action as possible.
  • Develop your settlements with building construction and landscaping.
  • Search for technologies, cultural, philosophical and religious development.
  • As emperor make edicts, laws and decrees to balance power.
  • Conquer together or betray your allies in multiplayer mode with up to 15 players.

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