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Save the world with Quarantine

Purchase Quarantine as a Steam key on and set out to conquer a war against a pandemic. You play the director of Pandemic Defense, an international biosecurity agency dedicated to fighting deadly contagions on a massive scale. Every turn is a fight for our survival, and your mission is to recruit a team of special agents, investigate the contagion, deploy a quarantine and find a cure to save the world.

An immersive, realistic experience

Quarantine draws on the scientific reality of fighting epidemics to immerse you in breathless suspense and confront you with tough decisions. You'll have to battle 3 deadly pathogens: a virus, a bacterium and a prion, each with unique characteristics and devastating effects.

Recruit and improve your team

Many agents (medical, scientific, diplomatic and security) are at your disposal to carry out crucial missions across the globe. Upgrade them and keep them alive as the danger intensifies. Expand your presence by establishing field bases and raising funds.

Evolving AI

Fight the pathogen with an evolving AI that leads to catastrophic events. Unlock upgrades and new operations on the varied tech tree to adapt your strategy and adjust your play style. Collect biological samples to examine the randomly generated characteristics of the disease.

Infinitely replayable game

Develop your stamina through simple challenges and take on nature's worst dangers. Three difficulty modes, four bosses, various starting points and unpredictable gameplay are at your disposal to make each game unique.


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