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Worms Clan Wars
Worms Clan Wars

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Worms Clan Wars: the biggest and best game in the series

Buy Worms Clan Wars as a Steam key on and get ready for an adventure full of twists and turns! Planned exclusively for PC, the game features family and friends coming together to progress, dominate the world and blow up sheep.

Worms Clan Wars is the biggest and best Worms game yet: more worms, bigger levels, dynamic water, extra weapons and ever more items to customize it. The game features classic 2D gameplay, but with a high-definition 3D visual identity, new lighting effects, new features to facilitate social interaction, additions to enhance the solitaire experience, and everything the Worms fan could possibly want.

Gather your friends and form a clan to take on the global challenge

You can join your friends and other Worms Clan Wars players to build a formidable team: christen your clan, design your emblem, promote your partners to officer or leader. Register your clan in the league and join forces to make your mark on the standings. It goes without saying that everyone wants to fill their trophy cabinet!

Stay in touch with friends AND foes using WormNET, the game's chat and lounge system. Each clan has its own chat channel, and other channels are available to bring all hardcore gamers together around their passion of the moment! Connect to chat, recruit new members, find games or even pass the time!

Stay connected to the game when you're on the go, thanks to an app for mobile devices (web, iOS and Android). It's the best online multiplayer Worms ever!

Find all the cunning of the single-player game

"Scenario mode" adds variety by introducing physics-based devices. Countless Machiavellian machines spice up the game, and make Worms single-player much more entertaining! The player spends far more time playing than waiting for the A.I. to make up its mind.

At work with Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop integration lets you outfit your worms with the outfit of your dreams. Import your own 3D objects and textures into the game using an intermediate tool. You can fashion hats, glasses, moustaches, trinkets and tombstones. You can also create your own levels! Are you proud of your creations and want to shout it to the world? Share them online via Steam Workshop!

Game features

  • Exclusively on PC this is the game all fans of the series have been waiting for
  • Clan management
  • Multiplayer clan leagues
  • Clan emblem editor
  • Associated app for iOS/Android/Internet
  • Steam Workshop management create your own items and levels, then share them thanks to Steam Workshop.
  • Day/night light transitions
  • "Devices" based on physics
  • Land editor
  • More than 200 objects to customize each worm one by one
  • 65 weapons and tools, including 10 new ones: the megamortier, the gravedigger, the flying monkey, the oxygen, the worm charm, the bovine strike, the farting cushion, the zapper, the aqua pack and the leveler
  • 4 enhanced worm classes with new abilities
  • 5 environments: Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan, Industrial Revolution and Prehistoric
  • Multiplayer "deathmatch" and "fort" modes
  • 25 single-player missions in Scenario mode
  • 10 "Worm-ops" time-trial missions
  • 30% larger levels

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