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Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1

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Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1

Buy Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1 on Steam key on and discover the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning Life is Strange franchise, from DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT.

Sean Diaz, 16, and his little brother Daniel, 9, must flee Seattle following a tragedy and head for Mexico. Hiding a mysterious supernatural power, they'll have to face the hardships of life on the road, and Sean will have to look after his little brother alone, understanding that his choices will have far-reaching consequences.

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1 will be available on September 27, 2018. Episodes 2 to 5 will be available at a later date. You can purchase the full season including Episode 1 and Episodes 2 to 5, which will be available upon release.


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