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Kinguin : Prototype 2 EU Steam CD Key
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Discovering the video game "Prototype"

In the world of video games, "Prototype" stands out for its captivating narrative and innovative gameplay. Set against the urban backdrop of New York, the player is immersed in a story rich in mysteries and twists.

The main character: A mutant in search of an identity

At the center of the plot of "Prototype", we find a principal character unlike any other. This mutant, capable of shape-shifting, is in search of answers concerning his dark past. His uniqueness? He can not only adopt anyone's appearance, but also absorb their memories and abilities.

The absorption mechanic: Total immersion

One of the most striking aspects of "Prototype" is its absorption mechanic. In the hectic streets of New York, the hero can appropriate the physical identity, memories and skills of anyone he encounters. This gives rise to varied gameplay situations and intense moral dilemmas for players.

New York: A life-size playground

New York isn't just a setting in "Prototype". It's a veritable dynamic playground where every street corner can reveal a secret or a danger. Skyscraper rooftops become strategic vantage points, and dark alleys ideal hiding places.

In short, "Prototype" is much more than just a video game. It's an immersive experience that blends action, mystery and discovery, where each player is invited to plunge to the heart of a thrilling identity quest in the urban jungle of New York.


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