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Two Point Hospital: Retro Items Pack
Two Point Hospital: Retro Items Pack

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Two Point Hospital: Retro Items Pack

Buy Two Point Hospital: Retro Items Pack as a Steam key at and embark on a journey through time! This superb collection of 26 new retro and vintage items will allow you to place objects in your hospitals that will remind your patients of their younger days.

Vintage elements

Relive the past, with the Tape Magnetophone, the Pinball Machine or the Ducks in Flight wall decorations. You can also administer a little injection of nostalgia to your patients by getting them on an old mechanical Scale.

Retro style

The Peacock Chair is a seat with some serious style. The Strength Test is perfect for proving to all the sickly patients in your hospital that you're stronger than they are, and healthier. And if you want to follow your favorite reality shows the way your grandparents did, there's Retro TV. Relax to the sweet sound of the "trumpet machine that plays music" with the Gramophone!

Que de bonheur en perspective

Swing to music classics with the vintage Jukebox. If you fancy yourself the world's best hairdresser, gaze endlessly at the Hypnotic Furniture. Pose like a superstar in the Photo Booth and enjoy the Charity Dog!

Here's the full list of items offered by Two Point Hospital: Retro Items Pack : Cotton candy stand, Charity dog, Drinking bird, Elephant trash can, Old radio set, Ducks in flight, Gramophone, Chewing gum dispenser, Hypnotic furniture, Jukebox, Respirator, Kebab dispenser, Peacock chair, Pinball machine, Tape recorder, Retro armchair, Retro TV, Snake basket, Strength test, Merry-go-round, Trampoline, Triangular table, Photo booth, Plinth, Toilet cubicle and Mechanical scale.


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