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Steel Division 2 - History Pass (GOG)
Steel Division 2 - History Pass (GOG)

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Steel Division 2 - History Pass (GOG)

Purchase Steel Division 2 - History Pass (GOG) in GOG key at and extend the History of Steel Division 2 with 3 additional DLC packed with famous campaigns, divisions, nations and units! The first DLC for Steel Division 2: Death on the Vistula is included in the History Pass.

Beyond Steel Division 2

Live history in greater detail through 3 gigantic Dynamic Strategic Campaigns, made up of new nations and hundreds of new battalions to lead to victory in Army General, this linfinite replayable turn-based game mode. Expand your tactical possibilities with 12 new, historically accurate Divisions and dozens of new, highly detailed units! Customize your troops with 30 magnificent Camos and deploy one of 6 new Aces! Last but not least, play solo or in co-op with the new Historical Missions representing real tactical operations!

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