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Moonlighter (GOG)
Moonlighter (GOG)

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Moonlighter (GOG): Live the life of a merchant adventurer

Buy Moonlighter (GOG) in GOG key at Long ago, archaeological digs revealed the existence of several gates leading to dimensions where immeasurable riches lay. Rynoka, a small trading village, was built near the excavation site to allow adventurers to rest and sell their finds.

In Moonlighter (GOG), live the daily life of Will, an adventurous merchant who dreams of becoming a hero. Manage your business in Rynoka, fight enemies and bosses with panache, participate in the village's prosperity, craft and enchant items to improve your equipment, explore singular worlds and recover treasures...

Your shop

Put items on sale, recruit assistants and improve your store. Just be careful, as some people will be looking to steal your precious items!


Face different enemies and bosses and take advantage of advanced combat mechanics. Your survival depends on your dexterity and cunning. Find the fighting style that suits you.

Participate in the village's prosperity

Get to know the other inhabitants to restore Rynoka to its Dantan glory. Help new merchants set up shop and watch them prosper.

Make and enchant

A good understanding of the crafting and enchanting system is essential to your progress. Go to other villagers to craft new armor and weapons, as well as enchant existing items.

Here's to the loot

Borrow the gates to discover singular worlds and collect precious items from different civilizations: resources, weapons, armor and other unusual artifacts.

Befriend your companions

Nine pets will be more than happy to support you during your most dangerous quests. Each companion has different abilities: inflicting damage on enemies, restoring your life, collecting items for you or serving as an additional chest

How to activate a GOG game

To activate a GOG game, log in to your GOG account and download the game. Once the download is complete, launch the game and follow the on-screen instructions to activate it.


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