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Blazing Sails
Blazing Sails

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Blazing Sails: A new vision of battle royal

Purchase Blazing Sails on Steam key at and discover a new approach to battle royale. Combining the famous game mode with naval combat, Blazing Sails offers a unique and exciting experience.

Frantic action

Every mechanic in Blazing Sails has been designed to be fast and simple, offering players fast-paced, intense action.

Intense teamwork

Tactics and communication are the keys to success. You have to help each other to win!

The loot

Pillage the islands for weapons, ammunition and resources to prepare for battle.

A host of original weapons

Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, and can be useful in a particular situation.

A unique respawn system

You can continue to respawn as long as your ship isn't completely destroyed and sinking.

Ship upgrades

Find ways to reinforce your cannons, sails, hull and many other elements to improve your ship.

Fully customizable characters and ships

Give life to your infernal battleship or galleon of terror. Create your own unique ship to challenge your opponents!


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