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Lunacy: Saint Rhodes
Lunacy: Saint Rhodes

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Lunacy: Saint Rhodes: a terrifying survival horror game

If you're looking for a horrific adventure, Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is just what you need. Buy your Steam key from and immerse yourself in your family's spooky world. Try to survive what lurks around every corner and uncover your family's gruesome murder.

A detailed world

You'll explore the village of Saint Rhodes in search of clues that will help you survive. In this detailed world, you'll find frightening creatures and learn more about your family's tumultuous past. You'll gradually sink into madness, and expect the unexpected.

A terrifying experience

Live a truly terrifying experience thanks to beautifully designed sets and an authentic atmosphere. What's more, frightening enemies await you, all requiring a different approach. You'll find two different endings to discover.


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