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Buy Narcosis on and discover a story of underwater survival!

Narcosis is a first-person survival narrative game inspired by unconventional horror games and developed by Honor Code. In this game, you play an industrial scuba diver who finds himself isolated at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean following a disaster. You must then attempt to reach the surface before your oxygen supply and sanity run out.


Main features

  • Pressure kills: Highly stressful situations increase oxygen consumption, impacting sight, hearing, and spatio-temporal perception.
  • Inhospitable waters:A knife, torch and flares are the only tools available to ensure survival against the unpredictable and nightmarish fauna of the abyss.
  • Phantom narration: The survivor's narrative develops in parallel with the player's experience. Are what is experienced and what is said completely in sync?
  • Beyond good and evil: No conspiracy, demon or zombie in the dark heart of Narcosis, only primal fears and the weaknesses of the human soul.
  • Total immersion:Darkness, confinement and external threats take on a new dimension with the experience of virtual reality.

About Honor Code

Honor Code is a company based in France and California that has developed games and licenses such as Assassins Creed, Dance Central, Metal Gear Solid, Remember Me, Republique, The Silent Age and Silent Hill.

Buy Narcosis on and immerse yourself in an intense story of underwater survival!


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