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BioMutant®: a post-apocalyptic RPG with unique martial arts

BioMutant® is a post-apocalyptic open-world Kung Fu RPG with a unique martial arts system. You can combine contact fighting, shooting and mutan skills for maximum freedom of movement and agility. As you develop your character, you'll learn new Wus styles and techniques from the masters you meet, giving you plenty of choice for your fights. With a genetic coding system, you can alter your properties and appearance, while exposure to bio-contamination can cause physical mutations.

Total freedom in equipment choice

When it comes to equipment, you have total freedom. You can make your own weapons, but also choose the type of equipment you want. Wear a gas mask and oxygen bomb to explore the dead zones, a heat-resistant suit for cryonic expeditions or protective gear to fight bio-contaminated creatures, it's up to you!"


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