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In the latest Resident Evil 2, you play from a third-person view, with a camera positioned behind the main hero's arm. Once again, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield return with their separate narrative campaigns, or separate views of the same events in Raccoon City.

New technology

The remake Resident Evil 2 will run on Engine Capcom with the name RE Engine, and the game will resume on the relevant platforms at 4K resolution. Another technological upsurge is the zombies' reaction to damage in real time, which you see when you see the impact of each missile. So, when you hit the zombie, you'll see a detailed result of your entire "job".

A terrifying adventure

An unrivalled adrenaline gradient, a breathtaking story and unimaginable horrors await you in Resident Evil 2. Prepare to face bloodthirsty creatures, harrowing environments and tough puzzles.


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