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A Hat in Time
A Hat in Time

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A Hat in Time: A Unique Platform Experience

In A Hat in Time, enjoy a unique and hilarious three-dimensional platform experience. With its stylized gameplay and cute cartoon characters, you play as a young girl on a mission to chase down a villain with a mustache. You're aided in this adventure by a magic hat that allows you to travel through time.

Unique and Unique Missions

You'll be called upon to traverse dangerous mafia bosses, ghostly shadows, the Subcon forest and much more. Each mission is unique, and at one point you'll have to solve a murder, find clues and listen to the locals. The next moment, you're running with The Big Parade.

Explore 5 Massive Worlds

Go on an adventure through five massive worlds and discover new adventures that appear around every corner. A Hat in Time is the unique platform experience you've always dreamed of!


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