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Exoprimal is a thrilling action game that can be played online as a team. Players will control advanced exosuits to battle the fiercest creatures in history - dinosaurs. These exosuits are designed for different roles and can be used to battle swarms of dinosaurs in exclusive modes available only for online team play.

The world in the midst of chaos

In the year 2040, the world faces a grave threat to human survival as unexpected dinosaur epidemics spread across the globe. However, there is a glimmer of hope. Aibius has created an innovative artificial intelligence system called Leviathan, which has extraordinary predictive capabilities to predict the location of future epidemics.

Join the fight against dinosaurs with Exoprimal

By joining the ranks of dinosaur warfare with Exoprimal, you'll have the opportunity to discover a dangerous world and take part in a challenging adventure. You'll control advanced exosuits to battle the ruthless forces of the dinosaurs and fight to save the world. So don't wait any longer and join Exoprimal for an exciting gaming experience!


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