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Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest

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Sons Of The Forest is an open-world survival horror game that challenges you to find a missing billionaire on a remote island. From the moment you arrive, you're trapped in a cannibal-infested nightmare land and must use all your ingenuity to create, build and fight for survival.

An adventure without limits

In this game, you have the unique freedom to move around the world as you please, with no non-playable characters dictating your actions or assigning unwanted tasks. So there are no limits to your adventure, and you decide and dictate the course of your story. This seo-optimized version offers an even richer, more immersive gameplay experience, with more realistic graphics and immersive sound effects.

Try your luck

Sons Of The Forest offers you the unique opportunity to try your luck in a world where all the odds are stacked against you. You can explore the island at your leisure and face the nightmare that awaits you. Alone or with companions, you'll have to find clever ways to survive and defeat your enemies.


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