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OMSI 2 Add-On Citybus O405

Buy OMSI 2 Add-On Citybus O405 in Steam key at and discover the new classic in the world of public buses. The Citybus O 405 built between 1987 and 2001, belongs to the latest generation of high-floor buses. It's very popular and is still in use today thanks to its robustness.

This add-on includes two versions of the bus: The 12-meter standard variant (O 405) and the 18-meter articulated variant (O 405 G). Both feature realistic 3D models and sounds taken from recordings of their real-world counterparts. Components such as the gearbox, ATMs and destination display have been created with specific scripts and animations for the most realistic behavior possible. It also boasts a feature unique among OMSI add-ons, "Dynamic Rain".

The modular bus structure offers an exceptionally high degree of customization. The player can choose between different doors, ticket machines and other aspects of the vehicles, and even modify them on the fly without having to reload the bus. What's more, every part of the model can be painted.

Features OMSI 2 Add-On Citybus O405

  • Citybus O 405 from 1980 of 12 meters as standard and 18 meters in its articulated variant
  • .
  • Fully detailed interior and dashboard
  • 3D models and realistic sounds
  • "Dynamic rain" accumulating and moving across the windshield
  • Personalization, destination display and realistic ATMs
  • Modular configuration for greater customization, e.g. doors, ticket vending machines
  • Every part of the bus can be repainted
  • Customization on the fly to modify various aspects of the bus while driving

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