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Warriors All-Stars
Warriors All-Stars

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In Warriors All-Stars, magical powers are exhausted after the death of the king, and Princess Tamaki performs a ritual that calls forth a great savior. Unfortunately, her strength spirals out of control and spreads heroes all over the county. According to legend, whoever frees the country from chaos will be crowned the new sovereign, and so Tamaki will watch over the fighters and establish the kingdom of peace and tranquility. In addition, two disciples of the throne - Setsuna and Shiki - have been released to seek the Savior and compete for the throne.

Battle modes

In a volatile environment, the player must choose carefully with whom to form an alliance. Key battle modes and free scenarios give access to a wide range of combatants and allow players to create their dream team. The decisions characters make influence the course, but also the end of the game, when their friendship is important in unlocking the mysteries hidden by Warriors All-Stars.

Exploit your power to win

Exploit your power to defeat your enemies and free the land from chaos. With Warriors All-Stars, you can play iconic characters from acclaimed franchises and assemble them to create your dream team and challenge your opponents. As the battle for the throne rages on, you'll need to choose carefully who will join your alliance and who will be crowned sovereign.


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