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Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense
Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense

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Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense, the expansion that gives your nation new possibilities!

Purchase Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense in Steam key at and discover the expansion that focuses on diplomacy and internal nation development. This addition lets you build a "great" empire, while giving you the tools to conduct real diplomacy.


Common Sense brings many new possibilities and features:

  • New mechanics for Protestants and Buddhists that deepen religious gameplay.
  • Devotion based on the fervor of the faithful, great devotion increasing prestige, papal influence and tax income.
  • More than 15 new special actions that can be performed towards subjects.
  • Parliamentary rules for republics and constitutional monarchies.
  • A classification of nations as their power grows.
You're ready to build a great empire with Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense!

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