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Anno 2205

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Anno 2205 - The famous real-time strategy game lands in space!

Buy Anno 2205 for Ubisoft Connect at and conquer the stars! With Anno 2205, you enter the future era of humanity with the opportunity to build a better tomorrow. Having conquered the Earth, grown rich, created cities and great industrial complexes, you must now set off into space to continue the development of your civilization and satisfy the needs on Earth.

Scientific advances in fusion energy are about to revolutionize society. Helium-3, an essential element, can only be harvested on the Moon. Venture out into space to settle on the Moon, in a frantic race for resources and power.

For the first time in history, you'll be able to make a living on the Moon.

Anno 2205 features

  • CELEBRATED CITY BUILDER TO CONQUEST THE STARS: Colonize continents on Earth, establish bases on the Moon, and harness its resources to transform your cities into thriving metropolises.
  • UNLIMITED BUILDING: You'll control the growth of businesses simultaneously across multiple locations, both on Earth and on the Moon. The game features a revolutionary mode that lets you play on multiple islands, connecting different regions instantly. Anno 2205 is the largest game in the series, and features unlimited replayability potential, all on islands 5 times larger than previous opuses.
  • LIVE CITIES WITH CAREFUL GRAPHICS: The new graphics engine offers a true impression of splendor and brings an unrivalled level of detail and dimming. The city comes to life with its flying cars and millions of citizens, as well as its factories, mines, and incredible wildlife, all animated and influenced by your actions.

Buy Anno 2205 for Ubisoft Connect at and discover the infinite worlds that await you! And to activate your game, check out our How to activate a Ubisoft Connect game page.


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