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Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation
Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation

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Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation: a realistic simulation of the hectic life of a big-city firefighter


Emergency Call 112 The Fire Fighting Simulation is a simulation developed in collaboration with the Mülheim fire department in Germany. Particular attention has been paid to the realism and fidelity of the missions, offering a level of detail never before matched. The tanker, turntable ladder and loader are all functional and available to the firefighter. An AI-driven vehicle is also included. All these elements can be deactivated/removed for later use.

A variety of randomly generated scenarios

Emergency Call 112 features a variety of randomly generated scenarios, such as road accidents, oil spills, burning roofs, indoor and outdoor fires requiring the use of breathing equipment, and more. Realistic fire propagation and the technique required to handle fire hoses offer a 100% authentic gaming experience!

Game features

Emergency Call 112 has a number of interesting features, including a fire station modeled on the Mülheim fire station set in a fictional city, vehicles detailed to the extreme (LF24 truck, tanker and mobile loaders), removable equipment, flexible and realistic fire hoses, indoor and outdoor fires, technical assistance for road accidents, realistic traffic on the scene, interaction between firefighters managed by artificial intelligence, and a navigation system (GPS) in the fire trucks.

With Emergency Call 112, experience one of the world's most exciting professions: firefighter! Immerse yourself in an unprecedented level of realism and immersion by purchasing Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation on Steam key at!


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