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Good Company
Good Company

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Good Company is an exciting management and simulation game in which you play the CEO of a robot production empire. Take on challenges in Single-player Campaign, Scenario and Bonus Challenge modes, then put your knowledge to the test in Unlimited Free Play mode to achieve success.

Be a true visionary

Your adventure begins in a garage, which you'll transform into your first production headquarters. Then, invent new technological products to conquer the market.

Become a leader

Efficient and ambitious, hire employees and delegate tasks. Automate your business with decidedly efficient logistics options. Optimize production lines and optimize your setup for success.

Features at launch of early access

  • Single-player Campaign mode
  • Bonus Challenge missions
  • Single-player Free Play mode
  • Hire employees and assign them different tasks
  • Automate production lines using a super-powered logistics system
  • Invent increasingly complex technological products, optimizing positive features and reducing defects
  • Conduct research to develop new technologies
  • Sell your products in an evolving market
  • Different measures of success in sandbox mode according to different ways of playing
  • Develop your business

Features planned during early access

  • Co-operative multiplayer
  • Support for Mods
  • Real estate
  • Customized floor plans
  • Product quality system
  • Improved employee simulation (i.e. the human factor)
  • Commercial contracts
  • And much more...

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