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The Bloodline
The Bloodline

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The Bloodline, a Fantasy action RPG

Buy The Bloodline on Steam key at it's an open-world Fantasy action RPG, where you play as a descendant of a line of Heralds, endowed with the gift of premonition by an ancient god to protect Eudros from the Merciless. An adventure not etched in stone written in letters of blood!

Features of The Bloodline

  • A story that's yours: complete quests to help the people of Eudros, or travel the world at your own pace.
  • Build ties between kingdoms, build your village, and prepare the world for the return of the Merciless.
  • Explore the world, join guilds, hunt magical creatures or become a bard in a tavern.
  • Almost every action you perform is associated with a level: jump, climb, run, disarticulate yourself, run on walls and swim!
  • Make gadgets and equipment, catch rare fish, cook exotic dishes, prepare potions, transform yourself into a creature
  • Plan your adventures thanks to your gift of premonition: the ability to see events.
  • The world to explore is huge! There are many different ecosystems, filled with impressive monuments: thriving cities, magnificent castles, mysterious lakes, dangerous dungeons and more.
  • Define your play style! With over 500 skills to unlock and hundreds of weapons and equipment at your disposal, your character will truly be the one you want to create.

Maybe you'll be a silent assassin, a paladin adorned in chain mail armor, a necromancer adept in the martial arts, an engineer able to transform himself into an animal thanks to druidic magic? The choice is yours! So don't wait any longer to buy The Bloodline on Steam key at


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