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Desperados III - Deluxe Edition
Desperados III - Deluxe Edition

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Desperados III - Deluxe Edition

Buy Desperados III - Deluxe Edition as a Steam key at The Deluxe version includes the base game, a 75-track soundtrack and the Season Pass.

Desperados III is a hardcore, narrative-driven tactical infiltration game set in a ruthless Wild West universe. In this highly anticipated prologue to the acclaimed Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, John Cooper will ally himself with Kate, a fiancee on the run, Doc McCoy, a strange hitman, Hector, a gigantic trapper and Isabelle, a mysterious woman from New Orleans. In their quest for redemption, Cooper and his team will travel through country towns, swamps and rivers, before a final confrontation worthy of the greatest legends of the Wild West.

You can't succeed without thinking. Good preparation can mean the difference between surviving and facing the barrel of a gun. Vagabond, pistol specialist and natural leader, Cooper can just as easily use his knife for discreet assassinations as take down multiple targets with his revolvers. Strongman Hector is never without his huge bear trap, and no enemy can survive his favorite axe. The ruthless bounty hunter McCoy works methodically with bait, sleeping gas and a customized long-range pistol. Kate can fool any man with her outfits, and then kill them discreetly with her concealed pistol. And let's not forget that mysterious New Orleans woman, Isabelle



  • Incarnate five unique characters, each with their own unique skills
  • .
  • Real freedom of choice awaits, with many ways to handle obstacles
  • Abate hordes of enemies with perfectly executed plans
  • Explore a fabulous Wild West story with frontier towns, mysterious swamps, gigantic modern cities and many other environments
  • Choose between lethal or non-lethal attacks, stealth or open shootout
  • A host of difficulty settings and replayability options let you play your way
  • Showdown mode lets you pause the game at any time in the event of an ambush or surprise attack

Combine your team's special talents to tackle the toughest challenges your way.


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