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Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions
Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions

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Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions

You're invited to discover the new game Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions, available from on Steam key. In this thrilling adventure, you play as the ruthless Shakarn, a race of devious conquerors attempting to take over the galaxy after the collapse of the Star Union. Equip yourself with holographic disguises and employ cunning, brute alien force or even unlikely alliances to defeat your opponents!

Features of Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions

The Shakarn faction:

The Shakarn are lizardmen masters of subterfuge. Equipped with their holographic disguises, they can sabotage and disintegrate the last bastions of humanity. They are capable of deploying Zardas caste units to deceive the enemy or Domoks to annihilate him immediately.

The Therians:

Therians are highly evolved warriors who have fused their DNA with that of animals. They can be formidable allies or enemies under the rule of their mysterious Doe.

The Voidbringers:

The Voidbringers are transdimensional beings who teleport legions of slave soldiers into your empire. Destroy their beacons or submit to them to conquer the world!

World events:

More than 20 different environmental catastrophes can alter the course of your game, such as a pirate insurrection, a superstorm or a solar flare. Each event will require you to adapt your playing style to prove your mastery of Planetfall.

Additional campaign missions and conquered worlds:

Explore new territories across two new campaign maps, as the Shakarn invade the Egalitarian League of Planets. In asymmetrical team play mode, you can form an alliance with other players to overthrow a fearsome baron.


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