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Maniac Mansion

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Come and discover Maniac Mansion, an adventure game that amuses and surprises! Dave and his friends have come to save Sandy before she donates her brain to Dr. Fred, and you're the mastermind behind their efforts to solve Maniac Mansion's many mysteries... Find out what really happened when that meteor landed 20 years ago, how it changed Dr. Fred, Nurse Edna and Weird Ed, why there's a chainsaw in the kitchen, a nuclear reactor in the basement and why does Dr. Fred keep laughing?

Features of Maniac Mansion

Explore room after room, collect weird stuff and laugh out loud! Choose your own rescue trio from seven unlikely volunteers, find five exciting ways to unravel the mystery and hundreds of hilarious ways to get it wrong. No need for the keyboard: point 'n' click to select characters, objects and actions. Version includes original and enhanced.

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